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Steve Hilliar and Glyn Tucker are passionate people dedicated to improving life through better sound and music. Musicians, performers, producers and sound engineers get on board now, sign in below for the most provocative and worthwhile ideas that may help your success. WHY?

Because we can all help each other, read about music history, our favourite artists and ways to improve our sound recordings, live sound performances and knowledge about the music industry

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Hollies in New Zealand
The Hollies were in New Zealand in 2017 and this photo was taken by me at their Tauranga concert. All[...]
Hank Marvin in Rehearsal
Hank Marvin toured New Zealand in 2015 with his amazing Gypsy Jazz group. One of the concerts was held in[...]
Hank Marvin
Hank Marvin Amplifiers and some history There has already been heaps written and published about Hank Marvin. Based in Perth[...]
Radio Hauraki Reunion 2016
December 2016 is the 50th Reunion of Radio Hauraki in New Zealand. I was lucky to be a small part[...]
New Zealand Music
Neil Finn Jim Carter I had the greatest pleasure of meeting Jim Carter just weeks after Neil Finn made this[...]
David Hasslehoff
I just came across photo from the 80's with The Hoff. This was a spoof shot taken in 1986, soon[...]
Auckland Jazz and Blues Club
Paul Nairn and the Phantom Quartet Alberto Santerelli, Frank Gibson and Phil Broadhurst. August 2nd Paul Nairn’s Phantom Quartet will[...]
When should I change guitar strings?
Changing Guitar Strings. There are no set rules, since the answer depends on how often you play, how long you[...]

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Technology has not only changed the way we live but it has dramatically changed the way we listen to music. Will streaming music now kill the song writers? John Seabrook has recently written about this in the New Yorker, (see our blog)  and the general public are now served inferior music, of inferior quality. This not only affects our hearing but also our enjoyment. There IS a better way and we make no bones about it here. Please subscribe to our mailing list and learn how you can not only improve your listening pleasure but also vastly improve your ability as a music industry professional.

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From time to time myself and others will write about special techniques and new ideas on how to get the most from your musical endeavors; as a performer, musician, producer-engineer, or as an enthusiastic audiophile, and music fan.

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