Who we are.

No, we are not a pop group, but we are a popular group of people who have had countless years in the entertainment business and we have certainly lived through the best of times. The best music era, with the best hits and high quality sound, we do not want that to go away


Our strategy is simple, we believe most people tend to put up with listening to badly recorded sound as well as produce badly recorded music. Our goal is simply to offer some ideas on how you can enhance your listening and recording pleasure.


The video featured on this website is generally taken and shot by one of us, we are pleased to offer video "How to" as well as some special concert performances we have attended from time to time.

How we work.

1 A few enthusiasts who just want to offer a better way of making recordings, making great music. We blog about improving your listening pleasure.

2 We search the net and report on anything in the recording industry we feel makes sense and is worthy of passing on.

3 We create our own courses, incorporating both written and recorded tuition in many areas of recorded and live sound production.

Take action people

We are enthusiastic and passionate people dedicated to improving life through better sound and music.