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Glyn Johns’ Interview

Glyn Johns

Glyn Johns Interview     Glyn Johns produced and engineered a huge body of work, recording music that fans of all ages have loved for decades. To this day he still prefers his tape-recorders rather than digital recorders, and he is a strong believer in recording with the whole “band” in the studio together. If […]

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Connecting Your Amp to a Multi-effects Pedal

Boss pedal

Connecting Your Amp to a Multi-effects Pedal. This “four-cable method” shows you the best way to connect a compatible guitar multi-effects pedal to a guitar amplifier. Some digital multi-effects pedals have multiple inputs and outputs, and allow you to route different effects to those different outputs. This allows you send effects to both the guitar […]

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How did David Bowie get that sound?

David Bowie

David Bowie Sound Let us trip back to 1977. David Bowie is recording the lead vocal for the title track of his Heroes album in Berlin’s Hansa Studios, with producer Tony Visconti behind the board. Seeking to highlight the drama of Bowie’s voice, Visconti sets up three mics – one for David Bowie to sing […]

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Direct Boxes for Guitar and Instruments

Pro DI Box

Direct Boxes Often abbreviated DI (for direct insertion), a device commonly used to convert high impedance unbalanced signals from a stage instrument (like a guitar, bass or keyboard) into low impedance balanced signals. This puts the signal at the proper voltage level for the mixer and prevents the instrument from becoming loaded down with too […]

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Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphones

dynamic microphone

Dynamic Microphones One of the last things you may think of when hearing the term “broadcast mic” is an actual broadcast application. I have never done a podcast or worked at a radio station. Broadcast microphones are typically large-diaphragm dynamic mics, tailor-made for announcers and DJs. They have extra shielding and are typically cardioid or […]

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Performing Live

performing live

Are you performing live? If so here are a few simple tips. If you are a singer performing live then it is important to get your voice warmed up and ready to perform. First you should consider what you are doing with your voice in 12 hours or more before the performance. The best thing […]

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Raising the bar


Raising the bar We have finally released the new eBook written by Glyn Tucker. This is a very important document and it is available free as a digital download from this site. It covers the the best kept secrets regarding the recording of audio in today’s world. The most important aspects of setting up a […]

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Microphone attenuation


Microphone attenuation Why would you want to use microphone attenuation a pad (an attenuator that reduces the signal level, usually by 10 or 20 dB)?….. Because the sound coming into the microphone is very loud and is likely to overload the mic pre-amp in the mixing console/ or external mic pre-amp, or perhaps overload the […]

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Phase cancellation between microphones

phase cancellation

Phase Cancellation Imagine this… you are recording an orchestra. You use the conventional setup of a basic pair of mics to cover the whole orchestra – let’s say a coincident crossed pair – supplemented by spot microphones on individual groups of instruments. A pair of ambience mics at the rear of the auditorium completes the […]

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Microphones – Dynamic or Condenser


The principal difference among mic types is whether its transducer (the element for converting sound waves to electrical ones) is a dynamic or a condenser. A dynamic mic works sort of like a speaker in reverse: A coil of wire is mounted on a diaphragm, which sits inside a magnetic field. When the diaphragm moves […]

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