How did David Bowie get that sound?

David Bowie

David Bowie Sound

Let us trip back to 1977. David Bowie is recording the lead vocal for the title track of his Heroes album in Berlin’s Hansa Studios, with producer Tony Visconti behind the board. Seeking to highlight the drama of Bowie’s voice, Visconti sets up three mics – one for David Bowie to sing into, a second around 15′ away, and a third even further back into the ambience-rich room. He then sets up noise gates on the second and third mics, and programs them to open as David sings ever louder.

Eventide captures this amazing effect with their new plug-in for DAW’s called Tverb: three lush, independent reverbs, with selectable polar patterns and compression on microphone one; and adjustable gates on mics two and three. They also added features such as stereo that let you forge immersive new effects and soundscapes. A cool new toy, released at the Musikmesse 2016 trade fair.

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