How to record guitar

how to record guitar

Guide to recording guitars.

The ability of how to record guitar and obtain the right sound in 2016 can be daunting. How to record guitar these days can be very challenging mainly due to the ever changing advances in technology. There are different ways to achieve the goal, and of course this depends on whether the guitar is acoustic or electric.

Over a period off time we will show you the latest trends for recording both electric and acoustic guitars.
First we will start with how to record electric guitars and then move on to recording acoustic guitars. The reason for this is we wish to try and make it easier for the layman to understand the major differences with ways to create the best results with both styles of instruments.
The electric guitar has been around for many years but has been evolving in many ways since the original inventions made famous by Les Paul and Leo Fender.
The sound produced by an electric guitar depends on many things, namely the structure of the instrument itself, the type of materials it is contracted from, the type of pickups to reproduce the sound along with the body construction itself which these days can be a variety of materials.
In addition to the instrument itself there are other variables such as the changes in sound that are introduced by different techniques used such as amplifiers used, microphone placement, different microphones used or indeed direct recording via various types of DI boxes. Currently there are many different ways of recording electric guitar and I will endeavor to cover those options on these pages.

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