Motown Compression Mixing Technique


The recording and mixing engineers at Tamla Motown Hit Factory studios in the 60’s and 70’s used a special technique to get maximum punch into their mixes without squashing the dynamic life out of it. (as is so prevalent in today’s music) The trick is to make the mix “sound” louder, by using compression. Radio […]

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Montreux Jazz Festival

montreux Jazz Festival

Memorabilia at Montreux Jazz Festival Anyone visiting Switzerland in July 2016 should not miss this great opportunity at Montreux, home of the montreux Jazz Festival. For the 50th Montreux Jazz Festival, Galartis invites you to discover Montreux Music Memorabilia, an exhibition-auction on the theme of music and arts, July 2-8 2016 at Casino Barrière Montreux. […]

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Mike Walker Trio

Ray Woolf

Ray Woolf and the Mike Walker Trio. Here is a review of last years special concert with Ray Woolf and the Mike Walker Trio written by Bill Belton. Ray Woolf with The Mike Walker Trio Auckland Jazz and Blues Club PT Chev RSA I’m still buzzing from a night of great music, mostly standards, all […]

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The difference between delay and reverb

delay and reverb

Do you know the difference between delay and reverb? Recording and mixing musical instruments and vocals offers the musician hundreds of sound colours by way of DAW plug-ins. One of the most-loved effects for guitarists is the delay. (or echo) Hank Marvin of the Shadows crafted a whole new sound in the late fifties and […]

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How to record guitar

how to record guitar

Guide to recording guitars. The ability of how to record guitar and obtain the right sound in 2016 can be daunting. How to record guitar these days can be very challenging mainly due to the ever changing advances in technology. There are different ways to achieve the goal, and of course this depends on whether […]

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Setting up Stereo Monitors

speaker monitor

Setting up Stereo Monitor There are a few basic rules that professional sound engineers adhere to in setting up near-field studio monitor speakers.They are simple rules but all of them must be obeyed if you want the best results. Any one of them should be ignored at your peril. * Avoid positioning speaker cabinets close […]

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James Street


James Street is a medical doctor living and working in Boston USA. James originally from the UK is one amazing musician and in his spare time creates very entertaining renditions of great songs. He has all the good gear, including a TVS3 capable of producing the old echoes used by Hank Marvin of “Shadows” fame […]

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Matching a Sound System to Application


Matching a Sound System, another article from Paul Johansen. Once a client has made the initial approach, the sound company is faced with the job of making sure the equipment they supply is correct for the purpose intended. This often requires a site visit with the client present at the meeting to discuss the presentation […]

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Chris Parkinson New Zealand Icon

Chris Parkinson

Chris Parkinson broadcaster. What is normal? Is there a part of humanity that is classified as normal? Or are we all individuals? Maybe look at it from another angle, are we meant to be normal? If so what is normal? These are questions we have been asking each other for years. Over time society has […]

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Drum Kit Mix

drum kit mix

The Left and Right of the Drum Kit Mix This question was put to me recently by a young student. Which is the correct way for sound engineers to create a drum kit mix for a recording or stage performance? Sound engineers are not unanimous on this one: the question of stereo perspective, as heard […]

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