Raising the bar


Raising the bar

We have finally released the new eBook written by Glyn Tucker. This is a very important document and it is available free as a digital download from this site. It covers the the best kept secrets regarding the recording of audio in today’s world. The most important aspects of setting up a Home recording studio or music studio.

With the blistering pace in the use of technology there are many forgotten factors and tons of confusing and conflicting information floating around out there. Glyn has gone to a lot of trouble creating this book and much of it is based on his real life experience as a musician and record producer.

This book “Raising the Bar” has been written with a number of people in mind, those who are musicians, requiring a higher level of confidence, singers who wish to improve their performance levels and budding recording enthusiasts who are setting up a recording studio or music studio for the very first time. If you are one of these people or a enthusiast who is inquisitive just go and sign in with us and enjoy the book with our compliments. One of the reasons this book has been released is also because of our concern where the quality of current recordings and music is heading. If you are entering this industry with any view to getting somewhere in the industry for goodness sake go get “Raising the Bar”, learn the secrets that will help you blow your competition away. Most people out there are settling for inferior sound quality in both their listening pleasure and their recording and performing techniques. It is way about time we get back to basics and understand what we need to do to raise the bar.

Many people are running around with bright colored headphones that are a fashion statement but sound terrible, highly compressed and distorted mp3 files blast their way into the ears of these unsuspecting consumers. They not only damage their hearing but they are also missing out on a world of sound that could be so much better and far more enjoyable. If you want a free copy fill in the form on the right hand side or just click here:

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