Steve Hilliar


Regardless of who you are, where you come from, despite your upbringing and education, my belief is you can achieve anything you wish in life if you put your mind to it, yes anything is possible. You only require four things to make it happen:
The PASSION for something, working with positive PEOPLE, doing the PRACTICE and you will achieve the PERFORMANCE.

My name is Steve Hilliar, originating from a small coal mining settlement in New Zealand where my father spent thirty one years hard labour digging coal, I found out quickly that kind of life was not for me. I gladly left school at fifteen with a terrible education and no qualification whatsoever. Despite those odds, over the years I have been blessed with a very successful business career as well as a wealth of world experiences. Overcoming the age old problem being told by others “it cannot be done.” Eventually qualifying as a radio technician, I was involved in creating history on board a pirate radio station “Radio Hauraki” founded by four young New Zealanders. People who changed the face of commercial radio forever. After spending the next five years in the United Kingdom I returned to New Zealand overland via Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and India. It was around this time my life really changed, with the help of a dear friend Andrew Smith I discovered Dale Carnegie and learned in no uncertain terms that I was capable of much more. Surviving endless interviews I secured a sales position at Xerox NZ with the help of another dear friend Bruce Templeton and within four years became their sales training manager. In 1981 I left to start my own import and distribution business in New Zealand specializing in the manufacture and distribution of consumer electronics including being able to convince Yamaha of Japan to allow the assembly of their hifi products in our country. In 1995 after reluctantly selling out of the business I had created from scratch even greater things have happened, such as taking up guitar at age 64 with no prior musical experience and although totally unrelated, able to work alongside my childhood guitar hero Hank Marvin (ex Shadows) in 2015.

Hank Marvin

Steve Hilliar and Hank Marvin

None of this happened by chance, it came through a huge shift in attitude since school and the UK days, sheer determination with the help of many wonderful people who believed in my ability. This website has been built because of my lifelong passion for excitement in life, by achieving goals that others see as impossible. If one single person can do better in life because of my inspiration I am more than happy. You can do anything if you try.