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James Street


James Street is a medical doctor living and working in Boston USA. James originally from the UK is one amazing musician and in his spare time creates very entertaining renditions of great songs. He has all the good gear, including a TVS3 capable of producing the old echoes used by Hank Marvin of “Shadows” fame […]

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A live Performance


A good live performance another article by Paul Johansen of Stage Sound Having done live sound engineering for bands for over 30 years I have at least some insight into what makes a good live performance from the audiences point of view. Some very good talent is coming through at present and there is little […]

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Audio Engineers and Sound Technicians

audio engineer

Audio Engineers An article written by Paul Johansen of Stage Sound Ltd. Both these terms are bandied around the audio industry with so much dubious veracity that their meaning has become clouded and confused. There are numerous other derivatives as well that are equally meaningless such as sound engineer and soundman. Unless you know what […]

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