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Motown Compression Mixing Technique


The recording and mixing engineers at Tamla Motown Hit Factory studios in the 60’s and 70’s used a special technique to get maximum punch into their mixes without squashing the dynamic life out of it. (as is so prevalent in today’s music) The trick is to make the mix “sound” louder, by using compression. Radio […]

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James Street


James Street is a medical doctor living and working in Boston USA. James originally from the UK is one amazing musician and in his spare time creates very entertaining renditions of great songs. He has all the good gear, including a TVS3 capable of producing the old echoes used by Hank Marvin of “Shadows” fame […]

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Chris Parkinson New Zealand Icon

Chris Parkinson

Chris Parkinson broadcaster. What is normal? Is there a part of humanity that is classified as normal? Or are we all individuals? Maybe look at it from another angle, are we meant to be normal? If so what is normal? These are questions we have been asking each other for years. Over time society has […]

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Recording Process


I came across this article in Tape Op mag that endorses my own feelings about the recording process, and how we might learn from some of the old classic recordings we grew up with and love the sound of. Music has two main components; the performance plus the technical equipment that delivered the performance. And […]

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Raising the bar


Raising the bar We have finally released the new eBook written by Glyn Tucker. This is a very important document and it is available free as a digital download from this site. It covers the the best kept secrets regarding the recording of audio in today’s world. The most important aspects of setting up a […]

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